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OpenAPI DevTools: Chrome extension that generates API specs for any app or website

A free open source client-based real-time API spec generator for Chrome that generates accurate API specifications for any app or website

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A Developer Tool for API Observability and OpenAPI Specification Generation

A developer tool for code and OpenAPI specification generation from network requests collected over time by a service worker proxy

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Grok TypeScript With Set Theory and Constraint Satisfaction

Thinking about TypeScript as a way of introducing constraints helps to use it effectively

Force Multiplication and Developer Experience

How Developer Experience teams use the concept of force multiplication to maximise productivity

Fallacies of Distributed Computing, CAP Theorem, and PACELC

How CAP and PACELC address challenges with building distributed systems in practice

Wicked Learning Environments and Debugging

Understanding debugging as a wicked learning environment gives clues on how best to go about it